How to Become an Investment Banker after CA?

How to Become an Investment Banker after CA?

By IIC Lakshya

22 Jun 2024


how to become an investment banker after ca

Most individuals envision investment banking as a glamorous job with high pay and unparalleled access to the workings of the financial system. Because of its appeal, people from a wide range of sectors want employment in investment banking, making it one of the most sought-after occupations today. Let us see what is typically required and how to become an investment banker after CA.

Understanding the Role of Investment Bankers

In essence, investment bankers are financial consultants who help both big and small businesses generate capital for their clients. Their job descriptions frequently call for a wide range of duties and extremely specialized knowledge. Clients hold investment bankers in great regard, and those who succeed in the field are incredibly committed to prospering in the fast-paced, high-stakes work environment.

Some positions involve a wide range of tasks, whilst others focus on one or two specialized areas. All roles are responsible for obtaining funds for their clients, typically through the issuance of debt and the sale of equities on capital markets. 

Debt Capital Markets

Raising cash by issuing debt in the form of bonds is something that firms find challenging largely because they lack enough eligible investors with the required money. Investment bankers come in to bridge this gap between these firms and suitable investors through their vast connections and structuring the bond issuance

Equity Capital Markets

Investment bankers will help an organization identify substantial investors when it decides to do an initial public offering (IPO) to sell shares to the general public. They will ensure that the firm's IPOs are purchased at the best possible price.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Investment bankers also facilitate mergers and acquisitions. The procedure frequently entails them providing their skills to ensure that everything runs properly. Investment bankers will advise their customers by offering their research and suggestions for the finest chances.

What are the best strategies for breaking into Investment Banking?

There are several methods to break into the field of investment banking. They provide answers to questions like, can a CA become an investment banker? Some of them are listed below.

  • Getting an MBA

Most people, even chartered accountants, choose to get an MBA. It provides you with a clear path and platform to begin your career in investment banking. It can be a smart selection since it opens the door to a variety of different options, and you can take your time determining where your calling lies. 

  • Courses on Investment Banking

There are several courses accessible online that, if completed attentively, will provide you with the information needed to pass the interviews and perform successfully in your new career as an Investment Banker.

  • Network and apply online

If you believe you are ready to begin the work immediately, you may utilize professional forums such as LinkedIn to get advice from industry professionals in the sector and apply online for roles that interest you. The wider your network, the better your chances of finding a job as an Investment Banker in a solid business. In India,investment banking jobs in Bangaloreare constantly posted and updated on platforms like LinkedIn get updated regularly 

  • Interning at an Investment Banking Firm

Both graduates and students can apply for summer internships at several investment banks. Employers looking to hire investment bankers will find you more appealing if you gain job experience during your internship. Should your internship be successful, you may receive an offer for a full-time position.

Rigors of Investment Banking: Expectations and Entry Points

To get into investment banking requires having reasonable expectations. Analysts or associates sometimes work more than 80 hours a week, making the job tough. Most investment bankers are highly ambitious and competitive since the positions are prestigious and the pay potential is tremendous. Investment bankers are frequently very competitive at investment banks, which frequently hire students immediately from school for analyst graduates of prestigious colleges, both undergraduate and MBA. Internships and entry-level roles are also positions.

The interview process for entry-level investment banker roles is often rapid, and you must be prepared to answer popular questions such as what your investment banking job salary expectations 

Comparing Roles: Chartered Accountants VS Investment Bankers

Chartered Accountants have a wide range of tasks, including budget management and tax planning advice for clients. On the other side, Investment Bankers' primary responsibilities include raising cash for customers and evaluating financial data to facilitate capital production. There are many similarities and distinctions between the two. The table below highlights many aspects of CA vs Investment Banking:



Chartered Accountants (CA)

Investment Bankers


Budget management, tax planning advice

Raising capital for clients, financial data evaluation

Primary Responsibilities

Client financial management

Capital generation facilitation

Skills Required

Accounting, tax expertise

Financial modeling, project evaluation


Both involved in finance management

Both contribute to the client's financial success


Focus on accounting and tax, lack financial modeling skills

Focus on capital raising, adept at financial modeling


The typical investment banker earns roughly INR 9.12 LPA. As a result, an investment banker's monthly compensation in India is around INR 76,000. It may, however, be enhanced with extensive knowledge and expertise in the subject.

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Investment Banking: A Cornerstone of Financial Progress

This industry is among the most attractive to prospective employees because of its high compensation and promotional opportunities. The profession's reputation for professionalism and excellent salary continues to entice potential candidates who wonder how much do investment bankers make. Furthermore, the ongoing expansion and creation of new companies highlight the critical role of investment bankers in enabling complicated financial transactions. The significance and future direction of investment banking become evident as demand rises in India and throughout the globe, confirming its position as an essential component of the global financial system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I become an investment banker after CA?

Yes, chartered accountants may change jobs and work in investment banking. However, there is no straight path to becoming an investment banker after finishing the CA program. No matter what your school background is, there are various methods to go into investment banking following CA. 

Who earns more, CA or investment banker?

A CA's typical income is 6-10 lakhs per year, but an average investment banking job salary is around 12-15 lakhs. Investment banking appears more tempting in terms of monetary benefits due to these financial differences

Is an investment banker a millionaire?

Investment banking is a well-known job in the financial industry. Investors in this profession have a high profile for leading luxurious lives, which attracts many. This implies that one will be successful if he/she works hard enough.

How hard is investment banking?

Investment banking is among the most desired positions on Wall Street. It’s equally difficult. This explains why an investment banker can spend a lot of time working each day. Those who make it through the transition stage frequently go on to have long and financially successful careers.


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