Why choose a career in Commerce? - Explore Thriving Commerce Career Options

Why choose a career in Commerce?

By IIC Lakshya

04 May 2024


Why choose a career in Commerce?

Awaiting your tenth board or higher secondary exam results, you must have faced the impending question of selecting a particular stream. The inclination towards science will result in its selection, and the choice towards the other two- arts or Commerce comes with the options to choose after 12th commerce.

Best Courses For Commerce Students

Wondering what to do after 12th commerce? If you are trying to find courses after 12th commerce, you learn accounts, finance, and business aspects, and you always have an opportunity to switch to art based on your interests in the field. The future scope of commerce is bright and the commerce stream jobs can provide a high salary if you choose the best career in commerce. So, this is the article for students who are wondering what to do after 12th commerce. 

You can research opportunities or establish a reputable, lucrative job by enrolling in the best courses for commerce students. Let’s examine the advantages of selecting a course on the 12th following commerce.

Various Career Prospects For Commerce Students

Commerce offers various opportunities to students after the 12th, including professional courses. Some of the popular ones include - Chartered Accountants (CA), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants(ACCA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA) Cost & Management Accountants of India (CMA INDIA) Company Secretary (CS), Cost and Works Accountants (CWA), and Bachelor of Commerce (BCom). Apart from these, students can also pursue other courses like Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Economics (B. Econ), and Master of Commerce (M.Com).

In the face of escalating competition in the corporate world, students require the appropriate skills and knowledge to not only survive but also thrive in the industry. A commerce degree provides students with an ideal platform to develop business acumen and skills. The coursework aims to provide students with a strong foundation in accounting, finance, and economics. The skills and knowledge gained through a business degree will help students in their future careers, whether they continue their studies or enter the workforce.

High-Paying Jobs

What we can become by taking commerce? Making money is one of the main advantages of pursuing a commerce course following your 12th-grade year. Compared to all other domains, science and the humanities offer less high-paying professions than commerce-based fields. 

An employee will never earn as much as a businessman. Scientists and engineers will earn less money than investment bankers or chartered accountants. 

High- Esteem Career

When we think about commerce professional courses what comes to our mind is the Chartered Accountancy course. The CA is considered one of the most powerful careers in commerce, the ultimate signing authority a CA holds is regarded as the power to control the financial activities concerning an organization or an institution. Apart from CA, ACCA, CMA USA, CMA INDIA, and CS are considered highly reputed professional careers.

Numerous Opportunities

Commerce professional courses open up a world of opportunities for students. Graduates with qualifications such as ACCA, CA, CMA, and CS can explore diverse career paths in finance, accounting, auditing, taxation, banking, consultancy, and corporate management. 

Here are some of the key opportunities that students can explore:

  • Finance Industry: Commerce graduates can pursue careers in the finance industry, working in roles such as financial analysts, investment bankers, financial consultants, or portfolio managers. They can work in banks, financial institutions, investment firms, or even various organizations' corporate finance departments.
  • Accounting and Auditing: There is a constant demand for skilled accountants and auditors in businesses of all sizes. Commerce graduates can work as accountants, auditors, or tax professionals, ensuring accurate financial records, compliance with regulations, and providing financial advice to clients or organizations.
  • Taxation: Taxation is a specialized field within commerce that offers promising career prospects. Graduates can work as tax consultants, tax analysts, or tax managers, assisting individuals or businesses in managing their tax liabilities and ensuring compliance with tax laws.
  • Corporate Management: Many commerce graduates pursue careers in corporate management. With their understanding of financial principles and business strategies, they can work as financial managers, budget analysts, or business development executives, helping organizations make informed decisions and achieve their financial objectives.
  • Entrepreneurship: Commerce courses provide students with a strong foundation in business management and financial principles, making them well-suited to start their businesses. Graduates can venture into entrepreneurship, launching their own startups or small businesses, and leveraging their skills to create innovative solutions and drive economic growth.

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In-demand commerce courses such as ACCA, CA, CMA, and CS provide students with a wide range of opportunities and prospects. These courses enable students to develop specialized knowledge and skills in various aspects of finance, accounting, and corporate governance. By pursuing these courses, students can embark on rewarding career paths and make significant contributions to the business world. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Choose Commerce for your Career?

Commerce is an industry that offers numerous career prospects with abundant opportunities. By choosing commerce as a future career a candidate gets access to higher esteemed careers with enhanced pay scales and global opportunities.

Are Commerce courses recognized internationally?

Yes, ACCA, CMA USA, CFA, and CPA are courses that have international recognition. Graduates of these courses can work in various countries across the globe. CMA and CS courses have national recognition and offer excellent career prospects within their respective countries.

Why Choose IIC Lakshya For A Career in Commerce?

IIC Lakshya offers flexible learning opportunities for students and with a legacy of 14 years IIC Lakshya stands as the No. 1 institute that provides excellent coaching for students.

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